Background Information

  • Founded in 1992, Gestión Ambiental Consultores S.A. (GAC) is an environmental consulting company that provides services in different areas of environmental management.
  • In 1999 GAC went into partnership with Ecology & Environment Inc. (E&E), a U.S. global leader in environmental management. As a result of this partnership, GAC/E&E extended its services internationally to countries such as Panama, Bolivia, Honduras and Costa Rica.
  • GAC has a multidisciplinary team of civil, environmental, chemical, agronomy and forest engineers, biologists and anthropologists, and a stable team of external consultants in urban, road, regulatory and legal matters, archeology, noise pollution and social, ethnic and economic aspects.
  • Thus, GAC’s professional team has broad experience in different areas, offering integral environmental services to its clients.
  • GAC is in the process of implementing ISO 9001/2000, a quality management and continuous improvement system.
  • Its current partners are Ecology & Environment Inc., Ricardo Katz, Civil Engineer MSc, Daniel Tolchinsky, Civil Engineer M.A. (C) and Andrés Berríos, Civil Engineer.